Written in Hampshire, England by Sarah Diligent & William Mazuch, A Guide to Floral Mechanics outlines the methods successfully used at the Floribunda Rose floristry studio, where sustainability and the environmental impact of their work is an important part of what they do.

The book was printed less than twenty miles from the studio on FSC accredited paper by one of only twelve EMAS accredited printers in Britain.

This is not a book on floral design. This is a working book.

Every single method outlined in this book has been tried and tested in a commercial environment.

In the process of writing and illustrating A Guide to Floral Mechanics, Sarah and William worked with florists and non-florists alike to ensure that the steps shown were clear and concise.

Shane Connolly
Floral designer and Royal Warrant holder

“…the physical practicalities of HOW to use these flowers and how to design using sustainable methods, while still retaining one’s own unique style, are still insurmountable obstacles for many floral designers.

And this is why I think this book by Sarah Diligent and William Mazuch is so important.

They have looked at the technical challenges of floral designs and given clear, concise and sustainable methods for achieving them.”

“It will help those who want to make a difference learn how to actually do so and help make sustainable floral design an achievable goal for floral designers at every level.”